Wild Turtle: A Tale of Two Paradises

In the heart of San Sebastián, a group of university friends, bound by their love for nature, surf, and a keen eye for style, laid the foundation of what would soon become a beacon of adventure, innovation, and timeless identity - Wild Turtle. Among them, one ventured far, crossing oceans to land on the shores of Bali, specifically Canggu, where he discovered a mirror reflecting the essence of his Basque homeland. This tale is not just about the birth of a brand but a celebration of the shared spirit of two distinct paradises.

Vision: Wild Turtle envisions a world where fashion transcends boundaries, embodying the soulful connection between the vibrant life in San Sebastián and the serene bliss of Bali. Our vision is to create a lifestyle brand that not only stands at the forefront of sustainable fashion but also serves as a bridge between cultures, celebrating the rich heritage and natural beauty of these two unique worlds.

Mission: Our mission is to infuse the market with high-quality, eco-friendly fashion accessories that capture the essence of adventure and elegance. Inspired by the rugged coasts of San Sebastián and the lush landscapes of Bali, Wild Turtle aims to offer products that are not just accessories but symbols of a harmonious blend of culture, nature, and style.


  • Adventure: Like the turtle, our emblem, we embody the spirit of exploration and the courage to venture into the unknown. Our products are for the bold, the travelers, and the dreamers, who see every day as a new adventure.

  • Innovation: Drawing inspiration from the architectural and fashion elegance of San Sebastián and Canggu, we are committed to innovative designs that stand the test of time, much like the enduring Basque culture and language.

  • Sustainability: Our commitment to sustainability mirrors the respect for nature evident in both San Sebastián and Bali. From local agriculture to eco-friendly practices, we strive to maintain a balance with the earth that nurtures us.

  • Identity: Just as the Basque people have preserved their unique identity and language through millennia, Wild Turtle cherishes and promotes the uniqueness of individual style and cultural heritage.

The Story of Us:

Wild Turtle's story is a testament to the timeless connection between two worlds - the dynamic, ocean-loving culture of San Sebastián and the tranquil, nature-embraced life in Bali. Our founders, a group of friends with a shared vision, saw in these places a reflection of their own values: a profound respect for nature, a passion for surf and adventure, and an exquisite taste for architectural and fashion style.

San Sebastián and Canggu, though miles apart, share striking similarities. Both are renowned for their breathtaking beaches, vibrant surf culture, and a deep appreciation for local cuisine crafted from the freshest local produce. Yet, they each hold their unique charm; San Sebastián, with its elegant urbanity and rich Basque heritage, and Canggu, with its laid-back lifestyle and spiritual ambiance.

Wild Turtle is more than a brand; it's a journey that bridges the gap between these two paradises, embracing their commonalities while celebrating their differences. Our products are designed to resonate with those who find beauty in the blend of cultures, the adventurers who seek to leave a gentle footprint on the earth, and the style-conscious who believe fashion should speak of who they are and the values they hold dear.

In creating Wild Turtle, we aspire to immortalize the enduring values of the Basque people and their mysterious, ancient language, alongside the spiritual and natural harmony of Bali. Our name, Wild Turtle, symbolizes not just the adventure and innovation that drive us but also the resilience and identity we aim to preserve and share with the world.

Through Wild Turtle, we invite you to embark on a journey that celebrates the spirit of two worlds, united by a love for nature, culture, and sustainable style. Join us in wearing your values, embracing adventure, and becoming a part of a story that spans continents yet feels like home, wherever you may be.